I found physical fitness in two phases. But the actual necessity for fitness came after the second. I was a substance abuser. I quit recreational smoking and immediately found myself unable to cope with life, really. I was depressed, anxious, lost & I had very little outlet for a lot of the emotions unraveling inside of me. To replace the substance abuse I used food. I gained about 100 LB (45 during pregnancy, another 50 postpartum). I became addicted to sweets, ice cream in particular. Because of how quickly I gained weight, I became severely sick with inflammation & I was hospitalized for three days with an asthma exacerbation. I was headed for morbid obesity & as a mother, dying was not an option. Fitness saved my life. Fitness allowed me to create this community of people who uplift each other. Fitness has given me my power back, my sanity. It’s a real outlet for me.” @opalstaciewellnfit

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