Theola Kinnard

What does being black mean to you? 

Although I am proud of my brown skin and I am proud to be African-American I do know that being black comes with having a target on my back. Being in black has put me in a position to always have to look over my shoulder because my skin color is a threat to non-blacks. do you want to know what’s crazy so many people want to be like us, so many people want our culture , to dress like us, to talk like us, and to have their hair like us. It’s obvious that black culture is a beautiful thing or there wouldn’t be so many people to want to be like us.

What’s your earliest memory of experiencing racial injustice?

There was a time when I was in college and I was discriminated against because of my color there was this bar that all the students will go to on Tuesday nights. The bar had a very strict dress code which was pretty ridiculous. For example you could in wear plain white T-shirts if you were a guy. And if you were a guy you had to wear pants that were not loose fitting because in their mind if you’re black and you had on loose pants then they assumed you were caring a gun and you were in a gang.  The very last time that I went to this bar I had on Jean shorts when I went to show my ID to get in the bar I was told by the security at the door that if I had on shorts I could not come into the bar.

How did you move passed it? And what’s your why to keep going? 

That incident definitely took a toll on me emotionally and mentally. sometimes I was angry because it was unfair that I was treated that way based off my skin color. Eventually black people got tired of the discrimination and more people started coming out and speaking about their experience with discrimination at that bar. They started posting on social media and tagging the bar in their post. The bar 

Reputation was ruined and that is why they got shut down.


What’s a beautiful moment that you’ve witnessed during the protest?

I would have to say seeing courageous and brave nonblacks standing with us and protesting. I know it’s not easy for non-blacks to speak up on our behalf just because they can and some will be scrutinized for being on our side. I’m sure there is some non-blacks who are not racist but has race his friends which puts them in the middle if that makes sense. A few days ago I was out driving to the store and there was six or seven Caucasian men or women standing on the side of the road with black lives matter signs. When I seen them it almost brought tears to my eyes because it was only a few of them but they were so brave and they know that what’s being done to the African-American community is wrong.


Who is someone that has helped support you to get you to where you are today?

I would have to say my mom and my aunt. Because of how they raise me I have grown into the strong woman that I am today.


This space is free to talk. We want to hear anything and everything you have to say.

 For there really to be a change and justice for the African-American community it’s going to take for more non-African-Americans to speak up on our behalf‘s we can’t do this alone it’s gonna take for everyone no matter what their race or not this is it is to step up and speak out. To be honest we need to get Trump out of the White House. once he’s gone I think that there’s a possibility for a change. he’s racist as fuck so a lot of stuff that goes on or that’s covered up is because he’s not doing anything about it and anybody that supports him is dumb as fuck because he is the most obvious racist person I’ve ever seen. He makes comments that are so ignorant and so wrong.


One more thing.. can we get you to talk about being a mother to black children right now.

I have never been so terrified to be black and to raise black children in my whole entire life. I have a black son so I am teaching and protecting my young king as much as I can. One day I am going to have to teach and tell him that because you are black you have to be extra cautious when and how you move. You will not get the benefit of the doubt so don’t give them the chance to decide your fate.




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