Im in Awe of God.

Who else could’ve written a story like this??


I was cut from my high school team at 16. Imagine coming to America at 14 with all the ambition and  aspirations of a naive optimist - the hope of living the American dream.

Now imagine being told at 16 that your dreams were too big and that you didn’t deserve them.

They told me it was too late. That I wasn’t good enough to play. That there was no hope for me to catch up to kids my age who’d been playing since they were 5 and grew up with the game . They said it was too late....

Who knew?

Even I didn’t know....

I just worked. I worked my tail off, I worked through the ridicule, I worked through people making fun of me, calling me names, and laughing when I made mistakes on the basketball court. I was working while they were makings fun of my basketball skills or lack thereof. I didn’t know what to do but I knew that I couldn’t give up on fighting for my American dream.

Who would’ve thought that same kid would be here??

So you really can make yourself into whatever you think of...

Hardwork does pay off huh?

Yes it does... I worked my ass off. Howver, it wasn’t just hardwork I had support. I had family, I had coaches, I had people that believed in my heart and my hustle. I don’t think i could have done this on my own No! I know 100% I couldn’t have done this on my own.

Someone UP THERE is looking out for me, someone else is writing this script.  🙏🏾

I’m living my Dream.


But this was only the beginning...

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